Do I have the final say? Maybe you could say that

Really had a real sense of being in the zone for this performance, worked on it for a really long time, took months, trained hard. Every second I wanted to give the world an day fans what they deserve, a great show. It really exciting, I wanted to enjoy the moment not just be hell bent on everything.

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Alberts rode a tandem bike with his friend Cathy Frazier. During their travels together, Frazier, who had been experiencing the effects of her Parkinson’s disease on a daily basis, told Alberts, “It doesn’t feel like I have Parkinson’s when I’m on the bike.” Indeed, others had noticed a reduction in Frazier symptoms during the ride. Says Alberts, “We didn’t go there to study exercise.

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A shot in the trailer shows Eric (Jordan Woods Robinson), the husband of Aaron (Ross Marquand), in tears leading fans to believe the latter’s number could be up. Elsewhere, Shiva can be seen taking down several walkers, a moment which has people worried for the Kingdom leader Ezekiel’s (Khary Payton). Pet tiger because of this particular moment from the comic books.